Flexible Employment Opportunities

Indiana Anesthesia Solutions (IAS) provides flexible, high quality anesthesia coverage with MD and CRNA options. IAS connects experienced anesthesia providers with facilities needing urgent, short-term, or intermediate length coverage. IAS is a unique opportunity to connect anesthesia providers with employment opportunities without long term requirements.

Why Work With IAS?

Unlimited Flexibility

We are not a staffing company. Therefore, employers and job seekers have the ultimate flexibility. Traditional staffing agencies require weeks or months of commitment. We provide immediate and local opportunities thereby reducing costs for both providers and facilities.

Convenience of our Instant Payment Option

Unlike most staffing companies, payment can be received quickly and seamlessly. By utilizing our instant payment option, providers can be paid in as little as one day. Providers can gain greater financial flexibility to determine how and when they receive payment.

IAS Provides Unlimited Options

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Gain Control of When and Where You Work With IAS