What makes Indiana Anesthesia Solutions (IAS) unique? We are a nontraditional staffing agency connecting MD Anesthesia and CRNA providers with employment opportunities. There are several advantages to this approach. No one-week minimum contracts required. No long-term commitments! This allows for greater flexibility for both providers and facilities.

Do you want to control your schedule and decide when to work and when not to work? Tired of taking call? Do you want to decide what locations you perform anesthesia services? IAS allows providers to set their own schedules and matches them up with employer’s needs.

IAS providers stay local. With coverage only in Indiana, sleep in your own bed without the worry of traveling to another state for employment. Providers feel a part of the healthcare team with the ability to service facilities near their homes and provide care to help patients in their own communities.

Anesthesiologist Providers

Minimal Costs & Fees

Another advantage is keeping more of the money you earn. By creating a market place that allows providers and employers to connect directly, IAS minimizes costs. This allows lower facility fees and higher provider reimbursement. Malpractice coverage is provided by IAS, therefore no need to maintain a personal policy. Plus, providers can elect to be paid quickly with our instant payment option. Booking is easy. With a simple click, all transactions occur online through our unique user-friendly system.

IAS provides you with choices:

  • Choose when you work
  • Choose where you work
  • Choose how you are paid – same day options!
  • No minimum contracts required
  • No long-term commitments